Welcome to the Mizfitz of the Upstate

Who We Are

We are a car club located in Upstate South Carolina. We are a family focused drama free club who is very active within our community

Community Involvement

We host multiple car shows to help raise money for those in need. We have participated in toy and canned food drives for families in need. During Covid we have participated in birthday, anniversary and welcome home parades.

What We Do

In addition to the car shows that we host, we also go on mountain rides, monthly dinners and family fun events.

Car Show Registration

Please include all of your information so that we can get you pre-registered. Once you complete this form go to the online store and pay your registration fee.

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Contact us

Telephone: 864-385-9714

E-mail: jparnell@mizfitzoftheupstate.com

Location: Upstate South Carolina

Mizfitz of the Upstate By Laws


Welcome to the Mizfitz of the Upstate. We the founders/admins started this club to be a part of the community. We participate in charity events, and we host car shows with all proceeds going to families in needs or charities that meet our standards. If you are reading this, we have accepted you into our family. Please read all of our bylaws. If you agree with and feel like you can abide by them welcome, and we look forward to meeting you. If not and you want to leave, we do understand. 


1. ABSOLUTELY NO DRAMA. If you have an issue, please bring it to one of the admins and let us help take care of it.

2. Be Active whether on the page or coming to events.


Mizfitz Officers

President- Debbie White

Vice President- Justin Miller

Sgt at Arms- Gene White

Event and Media Officer- Jeremy Parnell

Recruiter- Shannon Ware

Offroad Lead- Brandon Schrum

Offroad Admin- Jess Burgess


Active Status

We want our members to be active. If you aren’t active on the page, don’t attend events and have not communicated with the admins/officers about why you are unable to, you will be removed from the club. 


New Members

All new members will be on a 6-month probation period for active status. You must be active on the page and/or attend at least one event within that 6-month period. We understand that everyone has lives outside the club. If you have a time that are unable to be active, please communicate that to the admins. You may request a leave of absence and not be removed from the club. You can leave the club in good standing one time and rejoin. 

If you send someone an invite to join the club, make sure you tell them to answer the questions. If the admins receive a request to join and no questions are answered, we will reach out to the person and ask them to answer the questions. If they do not answer them, that person will be denied.



You must have a decal on your vehicle within the first 3 months of entry into the club. These decals can be purchased from Justin Miller, Miller Designs. You have the option of a large rear window decal, a small rear window decal, just the logo big or small on the rear or side window or you can get the front pillar decal. 


Shows and Events

If we are hosting a car show or event, we would ask that members be willing to help with different aspects of the show such as parking, registration, helping spread the word, etc. Meet up spots will be set for events we are going to be attending. Please be there 20 minutes prior. If we are attending an event, we will try to park together at that event. Please show the upmost respect to the hosting club or organization.



When a ride is set up, there will be a meet up spot determined. You will need to be there at least 20 minutes prior to roll out time. If running behind, please call or text the ride leader to let them know. Be sure that your tank is full, and you have a 2-way radio. Most rides you won’t have cell service. 

When going on ride try your best to stick together. The leader will keep a good pace. If it determined it will be a mountain run, please be aware of your skill level. Most will be mountain cruises. Event will be labeled if it will be a run. Please be courteous to the other members in the ride.

Be sure to keep a check on all vehicle maintenance prior to rides such as motor, brakes, suspension and tires. We don’t want anyone to have to be towed out.


Trucks and Jeeps- We have on Off-road Division led by Brandon Schrum. They will be planning rides of different experience levels through out the year.  If you feel confident trucks, jeeps and SUVs are more than welcome to come on mountain rides too. 


Clubs we are currently working with

Carolina Mopar Foothills

Upstate Mustang Club

South Carolina and North Carolina Ram Clubs

Hopeless Car Club

NVUS South Carolina

Breakin Necks Blacklist Outlawz


New Chapters


Rules for a New Chapter

1. Join Mizfitz of the Upstate

2. Request to speak with the Admins of the Club

3. Have a minimum of at least 6 people willing to join prior to permission being granted.

4. Understand that founding admins must unanimously agree to the chapter being formed.


All Chapters must have a minimum of 3 officers established within the first 3 months.

President-Final say so over chapter after consulting with main admins of the upstate chapter.

Vice President- works directly under President to ensure smooth operation. Fulfils President’s duties when they are not available.

Sgt at Arms- ensures the President and VP jobs are done and ensures drama free chapter. Heads up recruiting.

New Officers can be added. Get with admins to get job descriptions


Quality of Group

We as admins/founders of the Mizfitz started this club to do good for the community. If any club participates in any illegal activities or anything that will shame to the club name, your chapter will lose its rights to the club name immediately.

Any chapter must have at least 2 of the founding members as admins on their page.


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