Our Staff

We have several departments within the club and all of our staff are here to help answer any questions or help with any problems. Each of these individuals work extremely hard. 


Debbie White is our Club President. She keeps us going in the right direction. Debbie drives a Daytona Charger known as Angel.

Her email is dwhite@mizfitzoftheupstate.com

Vice President

Justin Miller is our Vice President. Justin is the founder of the club. He coordinates with the other clubs in the area so that we have good working relationships with them. Justin drives a Ram 1500 known as The Beast. 

His email is jmiller@mizfitzoftheupstate.com

Sgt at Arms

Gene White is our Sgt at Arms. He helps to enforce all club rules. He also plans our mountain rides. Gene drives a Dodge Charger known as Vader. 

His email is gwhite@mizfitzoftheupstate.com

Event and Media Officer

Jeremy Parnell is our Event and Media Officer. He manages our club facebook page, our public shows facebook page, our website and our instagram page. He is plans our charity car shows. Jeremy drives a Ram 1500 known as The  Grim Reaper. 

His email is jparnell@mizfitzoftheupstate.com

Off-road Lead

Brandon Schrum is our off-road lead. He is in charge of our off-road division. Brandon plans our off-road rides and events and helps recruit off-road enthusiasts. Brandon drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee known at Certified Shitbox. 


Off-road Admin

Jess Burgess is our off-road Admin. Jess helps Brandon with planning off-road events and recruiting off-road members. Jess drives a Jeep Wrangler Unlimited known as Storm. 



Shannon Ware is our other Recruiter. He works with our Recruiting Coordinator to find new members for our growing club. Shannon drives a Ram 1500 named Diabla.  



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